How to get rid of pimple in day

How to get rid of pimple in day

Pimples – one of annoying problems which can torment not only at teenage age. They like to appear in the most improper time and on the most noticeable place. It is impossible to get rid of annoying pimple in day. During this time it is only possible to remove inflammation and to dry it a little. But it will be enough to make it the most imperceptible by means of tone means.

It is required to you

  • - garlic;
  • - olive oil;
  • - calendula tincture;
  • - white or blue clay;
  • - Q-tips;
  • - gauze.


1. Prepare gruel from garlic. For this purpose miss garlic tooth through special press or rub it on small grater. Impose the received weight on the problem place and cover from above with small piece of gauze, only previously moisten it in hot water. Peculiar compress from garlic which will quickly remove inflammation will turn out. Take gruel on pimple no more than three minutes! Otherwise such compress can lead to burn. To minimize irritation of skin, before the procedure apply on it olive or any other oil. At intolerant burning, gruel from garlic needs to be washed away immediately.

2. Prizhgite pimple calendula tincture. It can be got without problems practically in any drugstore. It excellently dries pimple and removes redness. Moisten Q-tip in tincture and apply it on the inflamed site. Take 1-2 minutes. The similar procedure should be carried out twice a day. The next morning the pimple will already look it better.

3. Make clay mask. Cosmetic clay has good wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. As express means white or blue clay will be suitable for fight against pimples. Part it in water to consistence of sour cream and impose the turned-out mix locally, that is directly on pimple, or on all person. 10-15 minutes later wash away clay warm water. The drying effect of this mask can be seen already right after the procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team