How to get rid of pimples at boys

How to get rid of pimples at boys

Pimples at teenage age very widespread phenomenon which all endure differently. Not seldom they serve as the reason of emotional pains, development of inferiority complex and even depressions. At boys the first pimples develop at the age of 12-13, during puberty. At the correct skin care and observance of some recommendations of this problem it is possible to avoid.


1. ProfilaktikaOpredelite type of your skin. Correctly picked up cosmetics will help to eliminate pimples and to prevent their emergence. Irrespective of age and type of skin, it needs regular clarification, food and moistening.

2. UmyvanieDlya of maintenance of normal function of sebaceous glands wash not more often than 2-3 times a day. Also young people should remember that too frequent shaving, causing skin inflammation, leads to appearance of pimples. It is very useful to add when washing to water several drops of lemon juice or broth of camomile.

3. PilingEto quite widespread way of clarification of skin. But be not fond of it. For young skin care choose soft gel means.

4. Steam vannyesl at you the clogged-up pores were also formed horn pro-barrels, carry out this procedure in house conditions. For this purpose you will need 1 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of flowers of camomile. In saucepan pour water and add camomile flowers there. Bring everything to boiling. Leave infusion for 10-15 minutes, having covered dense. Pour it in small basin and incline over it the head so that steam did not burn your face. From above throw with terry towel. Procedure duration - 10-15 minutes. After that rinse face at first with warm water with soap, and then cold water. Wipe face with soft towel.

5. Spirit lotions and to nastoykiobladatel of fat type of skin need to be wiped daily it with weak spirit lotion or tincture. For this purpose perfectly divorced tincture of calendula or cucumber lotion will approach.

6. Cream, gels, maskipered carefully purify with use of these means your skin. Means you put not specifically affected area, and in radius of 1 cm since it does not influence pimple, and interfere with formation of new.

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