How to get rid of pimples at teenagers

How to get rid of pimples at teenagers

Pimples at teenagers - one of the most widespread problems. Whether it is worth saying how many inconvenience is given by them to teenagers? The acne is the reason of stresses and diffidence. At teenage pimples there are a lot of reasons, but the main thing is to cure acne quite perhaps. From you the persistence and attentiveness are required - and you will be able soon to become the owner of good and beautiful skin.


1. In awkward age quite often there are so-called hormonal storms - the organism matures, the amount of both women's, and men's hormones changes and tries ""to be tuned"" into development necessary. In most cases everything that should be done is to wait few years, and the hormonal background will get better by itself. But girls sometimes have associated diseases - for example, polikistoz ovaries at which production of hormones is broken and which can demand the adjusting treatment. The doctor-endocrinologist whom it is obligatory for each teenager to visit appoints only it to check ratios of hormones and the general process of sexual development.

2. Use enough water not less than 7-8 glasses a day. Simple and very cheap way, isn't that so? And besides one of the most effective - water expels toxins, providing equal and beautiful complexion. Black dots and pimples will become much less.

3. Purify skin every day, delete all make-up, then tone up and moisten it. You are not lazy one-two in week to do masks and to peel skin. Also you obviously should approaching with all responsibility cosmetics choice - in spite of the fact that your skin problem and fat, she is extremely sensitive just owing to youth therefore many means do not suit you. Choose light and nekomedogenny gels and cream with natural extracts - so you keep the skin clean and young long time.

4. Even despite big loading and active study, try to eat properly, to have a bite not chips, and, for example, fruit or nuts - bad food and the broken digestion extremely aggravate already problem skin.

5. It is very important to get rid of addiction to touch the person, thus you actively carry infection and interfere with healing of microwounds - from here considerable deterioration in affairs, already far from ideal, and also very long not passing hems and scars. Try to calm down and not to touch the person - nerves are basic reason of this habit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team