How to get rid of pimples for one night

How to get rid of pimples for one night

Problem skin with pimples does not paint appearance at all. Nevertheless there are effective remedies allowing to get rid without problems of pimples for one night.

Usual toothpaste helps to get rid of pimples for one night. At first just rinse face warm water and dry wipe it towel. Further apply toothpaste on problem places. Wait for its drying and you go to bed. Next morning you will notice that skin has dried up and became less inflamed.

One more means allowing to get rid quickly of pimples is ice. It improves blood circulation and also well narrows pores. Wipe problem skin with ice cube before withdrawal for sleeping, previously having washed cool water.

The remarkable means helping to get rid of pimples for one night - honey. It is natural antibiotic which eliminates infection and well heals face skin. Apply small amount of honey on cotton pad and wipe problem skin. Take means on face within 30 minutes then wash away warm water.

The lemon juice containing large amount of vitamin C and having the knitting properties can quickly overcome pimples. Dip cotton pad in fresh juice, process problem places. As soon as skin dries up, it is possible to go to sleep.

If you want to get rid of pimples for one night, use for this purpose garlic - one more natural medicine. It contains the sulfur helping to heal quicker eels. Just cut garlic glove and wipe with it pimples. In a few minutes wash away means warm water. In the morning surely rinse face cool water with tonic to get rid of pungent smell of garlic.

Well calms skin and removes inflammations lavender oil. Apply it in small amount on pimples before going to sleep. In total in night skin will become healthier, and pimples will be not so noticeable.

Use egg white. Separate it from yolk, then shake up and apply on the struck zone. Wash away warm water in the morning. Only several such procedures, and skin will become shining and smooth.

Take steam bath to get rid of pimples in night. Steam opens and cleans pores. Just boil water and take the person over pan several minutes. Rinse it warm water with one of the cleaning means and apply the moisturizing cream for the night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team