How to get rid of pimples in house conditions

How to get rid of pimples in house conditions

Do you want to get rid of pimples, but have no due quantity of funds for salons and procedures? Fortunately, it is possible to cope with problem also in house conditions without expensive means. So, what it is necessary to do in order that quickly and effectively to get rid of acne?


1. Nobody cancelled daily leaving - so at the correct and responsible approach, daily peeling, clarification, toning and moistening you will hardly face acne burning issue. As srub it is possible to use also natural products of house preparation - for example, grits. It has to be slightly processed in the coffee grinder (the truth, not to condition of dust) and is diluted with small amount of warm water - the miracle srub is ready, and it is possible to apply it pretty often though every day. Porridge great reduces quantity of black dots, nourishes skin with vitamins of group B and gives it dullness.

2. Great effects self-made masks especially as it is so easy to train them have. One of the most known, perhaps, bases for masks from pimples is clay - it costs absolutely not much, it can be found in any drugstore, and here properties it possesses really unique: antiseptic, strengthening, refreshing and wound healing. Clay perfectly tones up problem skin, returns it great color and dries local inflammations. It also contains large amount of mineral substances, salts and microelements. Best of all are suitable for fight against pimples white, gray, green and blue clay.

3. In masks it is possible to add also other effective ingredients - for example, essential oils. It is possible to add them not only to clay, but also to other miracle bases: apricot oil or oil of grape seeds. All oily bases should be applied to skin in the warmed-up state the hottest damp cotton tampon, thus pollution in time are dissolved and skin is considerably purified. What essential oils should be used in masks for problem skin? Have perfectly proved tea tree oil, carnations and rosemary. They perfectly heal wounds, reduce inflammations and strengthen immunity of skin.

4. Masks can be done also of vegetables and fruit - problem and faded skin as it is impossible by the way vitamins will have. So pulp of kiwi, strawberry, tomatoes is that it is necessary for you. If your skin mixed, then add to mask slightly some low-fat cottage cheese which will feed, will humidify and will calm the most sensitive sites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team