How to get rid of pimples in the house ways

How to get rid of pimples in the house ways

Acne rash is quite widespread problem. Many ways of fight against it are known. In drugstores the wide choice of medicines from pimples is offered. Also there is set of the national recipes allowing to get rid finally of this misfortune.

It is required to you

  • - calendula tincture;
  • - birch kidneys;
  • - aloe leaves;
  • - pumpkin;
  • - beer yeast;
  • - nettle leaves.


1. The checked way of removal of inflammation on face skin – calendula tincture. Pour in glass with boiled warm water in teaspoon of tincture and put there as much honey. Impose the tampons moistened in the received solution on problem places for half an hour.

2. Pimples on the face will begin to disappear if you do compresses or lotions of broth of birch kidneys. For its preparation fill in raw materials tablespoon with glass of boiled water.

3. At acne rash and pimples, skin irritations infusion of leaves of aloe very well helps. Cut off leaf from plant, wash out and sustain 10 days in the fridge. Then crush it to condition of gruel, fill in with boiled cold water (gruel spoon on 5 spoons of water). Insist hour, boil couple of minutes and filter. Wipe with ready mix face.

4. Pieces of crude pumpkin will help to struggle with face blackheads to you – just wipe with them the inflamed sites.

5. For washing you can add small amount of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to water – it will help skin nourishment, but only be careful: the high concentration of acid overdries it. Besides, during the day wash camomile decoctions, calendula or sage. You can also fill in these broths in molds for ice, freeze and to wipe with these cubes face is both tones up, and removes inflammations on skin.

6. Except external ways of disposal of pimples there are means which should be accepted inside. Try to use beer yeast – on teaspoon before food. It is possible to part them in warm milk.

7. Prepare broth from nettle leaves: two tablespoons of raw materials fill in 400 ml of boiled water. Within 2 hours insist. It is necessary to drink it before food on half-glass three times a day within month.

8. That sebaceous glands on face normally functioned and pimples did not develop, change the food allowance. Exclude from it greasy, fried, spicy and salty food. Alcohol, sweets, carbonated drinks, chips, coffee, the flavored teas, candies aggravate problem. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and also porridges, fish and bird.

9. That on face there were no pimples, correctly clean face. Wash cool water, using soft brush for more deep cleansing of time and soft detergents with antiseptic effect. After that well dry face and impose the moisturizing cream with light texture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team