How to get rid of pimples on shoulders

How to get rid of pimples on shoulders

Pimples and shoulder blackheads - the phenomenon extremely unpleasant and bringing set of trouble and moral inconveniences the owner, for example, should refuse open types of clothes or to have complex in the pool or on the beach. How to struggle with this not palatable, but quite widespread illness? fortunately, it is quite possible to recover from acne on shoulders!


1. First, you should understand that shoulders, likewise as well as breast, both the back, and face, are strongly subject to any hormonal changes - and in case of prevalence men's begin to emit with hormone (androgens) a lot of skin fat that leads to the hammered time and distribution of bacteria. What to do in that case? To make the test on ratios of hormones and to receive the corresponding treatment from the doctor if the imbalance is found.

2. Also it is worth paying attention to the food - pimples and inflammations can be sign of the broken metabolism, large number saved up toxins and problems with digestive tract. So you should go on some time on the cleaning diet including large number of fresh fruit, vegetables, green tea, fermented milk products and to exclude all fat, sweet or sharp. However, after such week diet it is possible to indulge himself chocolate piece the main thing in healthy nutrition is to know when to stop. It will also be useful to spend on drink rate of vitamin B which does skin elastic and fresh and also considerably increases her immunity.

3. Pimples on shoulders can be dried easy suntan - the truth, tan should be acquired very carefully as burned and weakened, porridge skin will not be able to resist to inflammations. And here the golden and natural shade besides is capable to hide small shortcomings and traces from pimples.

4. Very often hair preparations - for example, the shampoos and balm which are washed away from the head have negative effect on skin. If you have oily skin on shoulders, then wash antibacterial gel or skin, then wipe skin with soft lotion with the small content of alcohol and you apply the fat-free gel or cream with effect of moistening. At strong inflammations it is possible to powder skin with antibacterial talc slightly.

5. Masks can be done not only on face, and especially of clay which perfectly refreshes skin of back and shoulders and also fights against inflammations and instantly reduces skin oiliness, having absorbed in itself surplus of fat and having adjusted work of sebaceous glands by means of active minerals and salts. If on your shoulders there are a lot of inflamed elements, then you can add 2-3 drops of the tea tree oil possessing the drying and antibacterial action to clay weight.

6. If skin on your face also problem, then you obviously have to draw close attention to hygiene and to get separate towel for body. Very often bacteria from face are transferred to body including shoulders.

7. Try to wear clothes from the natural and breathing materials, and rather free, not breaking blood circulation and not holding down the movement.

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