How to get rid of pimples on the face and body

How to get rid of pimples on the face and body

Women always try to avoid emergence of such not palatable cosmetic defect as pimples on body. To get rid of them it is difficult, pimples can develop for various reasons which need to be studied before beginning fight against problem.


1. Sometimes pimples on body arise because of some serious diseases or during hormonal failure. In such cases on all body and the person there are various rashes which are difficult for eliminating only by means of cosmetic procedures.

2. Inclusion in the daily menu of products, unhealthy and also improper feeding, consumption of that food which practically does not contain useful substances – all this promotes deterioration in condition of integuments on body. The organism from such food zashlakovyvatsya quickly, and toxins are removed gradually only through skin.

3. If pimples have developed as a result of organism zashlakovannost, then it is possible to eliminate such cosmetic defect only in one way – replacement of harmful products with healthy food, the fat-free dairy drinks, green tea, citrus.

4. It is useful to include in the diet as well that food which in enough contains group B vitamins these elements are important improve condition of skin, betray it velvet and healthy look.

5. In order that the skin not only on face, but also on body always remained in perfect tune, it is necessary to drink not less than two liters of water daily. Water nourishes skin and all cages of organism with moisture, eliminates toxic substances.

6. That the skin on body remained always clean and on it pimples were not formed, it is recommended to use the soft soap which is not containing aggressive components during the hygienic procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team