How to get rid of ""plum"" on nose

How to get rid of ""plum"" on nose

It is impossible to prevent appearance of bruises somehow. However, there are ways which allow to get rid of already developed hematomas, to accelerate their healing.


1. The certain way which will help to remove quicker bruise not only on nose, but also on any other place is influence by cold temperatures. So you can apply to the hurt place ice or vessel with cold water. It will allow to narrow vessels, to avoid blood hit deep into of soft fabrics. Besides, low temperatures will take off pain and will help to remove hypostasis quicker. However effective this method will appear only in case bruise is got recently, will put ice to old is useless. You carry out the procedure of cooling within five-ten minutes, but do not forget about small breaks.

2. If bruise was already created, then struggle with it exactly the opposite - by means of heat. It will be able to expand the damaged vessels, and it will lead to the accelerated regeneration of fabrics. For this purpose use compresses (you carry out them on 20-25 minutes several times a day). Just wet towel in hot water and apply to the place of bruise. By the way, it is possible to use not only usual water, but also broths of medicative herbs. Thanks to them you will even quicker get rid of bruise.

3. The chief assistants in fight against bruises are various resolvents. The regenerating ointments and gels which contain arnica, vitamins K can appear them, R. Dostich of necessary effect you can, having applied folk remedies. For example, apply the kneaded calendula flower, leaf of cabbage or aloe. Among ointments and creams it is possible to call "Fresh-water sponge", "Rescuer", Finalgon, "Bruise - Off" and others.

4. You can put to fresh bruise also leaves of plantain. Perfectly broth from coltsfoot leaves and also potatoes helps. Grate it, turn in gauze and apply to hematoma for about 30-40 minutes.

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