How to get rid of points on nose

How to get rid of points on nose

The first impression about the person the most important. If in the first 5 seconds you have made negative impression, further it is very difficult to correct situation. Heat-spots, black dots – everything influences the made image. If the problem exists how to get rid of it?

It is required to you

  • - coltsfoot grass, linden, nettle
  • - sea salt and olive oil


1. Approach to clarification of skin on nose has to be integrated, that is it is necessary not only to clean face outside, but also to think what products zashlakovyvat organism from within. Formation of black dots or comedones is promoted by fat, spicy and sweet food. Revise the power supply circuit, add to the menu of fruit, vegetables, drink more water.

2. Quickly it is possible to get rid of points on nose by means of face peel which quickly removes comedones. To purge, take pan with boiled water, for bigger effect make the herbs having porosuzhivayushchy effect there it can be coltsfoot, linden, nettle. Be covered with blanket and take the person over steam about 15 minutes.

3. After time under the influence of steam has extended, begin to squeeze out black dots accurately. Actually this congestion of skin fat and the died-off cages.

4. After the procedure of cleaning of skin wipe face with piece of lemon which has the porosuzhivayushchy and bleaching effect.

5. The procedure should be fixed, for this purpose once a week do masks of white clay, one – two times a week you clean face srub which is easy to preparing in house conditions – to mix fine-grained sea salt with olive or simple sunflower oil.

6. Daily carefully wash away cosmetics and dust from face and wipe in the morning and in the evening skin with the frozen broth of herbs. Wiping of the person ice provides rush of blood to skin, stimulates exchange processes and narrows pores.

7. Remember - everything that you have made to get rid of points on nose, it is regularly necessary to repeat. If your face was cleaned owing to revision of the menu and holding above-mentioned procedures, do not come back to last habits. All changes in food have to remain forever, it is not single action. If to return to former way of life – also former problems will return.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team