How to get rid of post-acne on face

How to get rid of post-acne on face

Post-acne – result of change of integuments owing to acne disease during which incorrect ways of its treatment were applied. Basic reasons of emergence – the long course of acne, late initiation of treatment disease, mechanical injury of skin during removal of inflammations.

Post-acne forms:

  • Enlarged pores.
  • The change of vessels which has arisen because of microblood circulation violation.

The first three forms of post-acne the most widespread, deformed vessels and capillaries meet less often.

Fight against enlarged pores

The time extends because of excessive accumulation of skin fat, dust, the keratosic scales of epidermis.

  • Vitamin A or Retinolum will help to suppress work of sebaceous glands. On its basis it is possible to do house masks, salons offer more radical method – vitamin injections hypodermically.
  • The correct and regular removal of comedones, they "fill" time, and further deform it. In order to avoid problems it is better to entrust the person to the expert, he will pick up the most suitable option of face peel – vacuum, mechanical, ultrasonic or combined.
  • Peelings with salicylic or fruit acid are directed to removal of the upper layer of the skin which scales are hammered into time. Only the expert has to perform this procedure, in house conditions it is possible to aggravate situation on face with burn.

Removal of hems

It is impossible to get rid of hem in house conditions – masks and srubs will not be able to save skin from this imperfection completely. The modern cosmetology offers radical methods of fight:

  • Laser grinding for several sessions can bring visible changes. The procedure starts active production of collagen which heals hems.
  • Mikrodermabrazivny grinding smoothes the upper layers of the skin thereof there is removal of imperfections on face. The procedure is performed only in salon.
  • Chemical peelings are directed to active fission of cell which fills with themselves the space formed on the place of hem.

Disposal of reddenings

Reddening on the place of inflammation can not take place long months, but house masks will be able to reduce this term much.

  • The main natural bleaches – lemon, St. John's wort, parsley. On their basis it is necessary to prepare mask which basis can be any – cream, honey, egg white. In fight against reddenings also cosmetic clay is effective.
  • It is regularly important to clean face skin with srub, thus regeneration will quicker happen, upper layers of epidermis will be peeled.

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