How to get rid of rash on face

How to get rid of rash on face

It is not so simple to get rid of rash on face. First of all it is necessary to decide on the reason of its emergence. It can be banal pollution of skin, allergy, lack of vitamins and nutrients, hormonal failures or intestinal imbalance.


1. Certainly, it is better not to experiment and give with the person preference to the means checked by time, namely medicines on the basis of suspension of sulfur or salicylic acid. The softening, drying and peeling effect of these medicines has perfectly proved. And 1-2% (more concentrated solution is not admissible) apply salicylic acid no more than 2 times a day, medicines on the basis of sulfur – are not more often than 3 times a day. Has well proved also resorcin (2-5% spirit or water solution.

2. Modern cream and gels against rash differ in complex structure with various active ingredients: antibiotics of local action, azelaic acid, benzoyl-peroxide, etc. They are characterized by additional moistening of skin and pronounced suppression of irritation in comparison with traditional means.

3. Nonconventional means in fight against rash on face are very exotic. For example, gruel from garlic with characteristic smell can become and the reason of unpleasant additional "surprises" on face. Anyway, the first signs of treatment from rash require time, and the absolute recovery will be able to come only after several weeks of the regular use of means.

4. It is possible to consolidate achievements of treatment only when the factors causing appearance of rash, and for this purpose are minimized: - wash not more often than 2-3 times a day since the frequent contact of your skin with water can be the reason of rashes (especially if water in the place of your not really quality accommodation); - in the morning on an empty stomach drink glass of water which will help to clean intestines; - it is desirable to drink after water glass of kefir after a while, saturating with that intestines useful bacteria; - drink not less than 2 l of water (not gassy) in day; - the diet has to be saturated with vegetables, fruit, greens, grain. Exclude from it coffee, black tea, semi-finished products, chips and alcohol. Smoking can be also negative factor; - undergo inspection at the dermatologist for establishment of the exact diagnosis.

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