How to get rid of red hems

How to get rid of red hems

As a result of mechanical injuries, burns and skin diseases there can be ugly red hems of which it is quite difficult to get rid. Be not engaged in treatment independently – address the expert who will advise the method which is the most suitable for you. It is also possible to use folk remedies.


1. For daily washing use the apple cider vinegar divorced water in the morning (1 part of vinegar + 3 parts of water). It is also possible to moisten with this solution soft fabric and to impose for 5 minutes on places with hems.

2. Put 2 tablespoons of St. John's wort in glass of alcohol, densely close and put to the cool dark place. Insist 10 days. Daily you apply means with cotton tampon on problem places.

3. Dilute ½ tablespoons of green clay with small amount of cool water. Add 3 drops of oil of rosemary to mix and apply for 10 minutes on places with hems. After mask moisturize face skin cream. You put means every other day on 4 times before disappearance of hems.

4. Special cosmetic medicines will help to cure hems on face. Prolonged use of means with fruit acids and Retinolum promotes alignment and regeneration of skin.

5. Independently it is difficult to get rid of hems if they are deep and old. In such cases folk remedies will not bring desirable result. At best, hems will become less noticeable. If nothing helps, it is better to address cosmetologists.

6. For treatment use steroid medicines in the form of injections or outwardly. They are registered by the doctor.

7. Resort to treatment by electrophoresis or ultrafonoforezy with application of injections of hormonal medicines or corresponding ointments.

8. Small hems are treated by also chemical peeling, laser grinding of the face, microdermabrasion and peeling fruit acids. The most difficult of them decrease after excision of cicatricial fabric by the surgeon.

9. Collagen injections. Under skin in the place of formation of hems collagen is entered. It fills roughness – skin becomes smooth and equal. 3-6 months later it is necessary to make the repeated procedure.

10. Many dermatologists use for disposal of hems one more method – application of Beta oxyacids (VNA) and Alpha oxyacids (ANA). They recover skin and promote its fast healing. As a result hems are smoothed over time. These substances are part of many care products for skin.

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