How to get rid of reddenings

How to get rid of reddenings

If your skin is extremely inclined to reddening and irritation, then it is worth making thrifty use of it especially. You should select carefully means for the daily and supporting leaving and to attentively study structure before purchase of new means. But what to do if the irritation has already appeared, and you need urgently to get rid of unattractive redness?


1. So, first of all you should find out the redness reason. In case it is allergy to any means or food, take medicine from allergy. Fortunately, modern tablets have no somnolent effect and you easily can drink them at any time. If the reason is in reaction to any new means, then to you it is necessary carefully, but extremely carefully to purify skin. It is necessary to do it or ph-neutral soap without fragrances or dyes, or soft saturated cream or milk. Do not use usual soap at all (even children's!) or lotions with alcohol content, even if also insignificant.

2. After you have purified skin, wash herbs - the most remarkable and known means from antiquity is the camomile ordinary, it can be found in each drugstore. It is the best of all to wash warm infusion and several times a day, so the effect will be noticeable especially quickly. The camomile disinfects, moisturizes and calms the skin and also promotes fast and its effective regeneration.

3. Remarkably juice or pulp of cucumber copes with reddenings. One and all as cucumber extract ""is harmless"" can apply it and does not cause allergic reactions. It can be applied even at solar burns! So, take average cucumber, carefully clean it, rub on grater and impose on places of reddenings. Approximately in 10 minutes take off such mask - your skin calmed and velvety!

4. Parsley broth too remarkably copes with irritation or reddenings - you should make several small bunches of parsley in boiled water, to allow to infuse minutes 20, to cool, and then to wash face several times a day. Skin will be bleached, and reddening will very quickly descend. Such infusion besides perfectly copes with pigmental spots and levels tone of skin!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team