How to get rid of shadows under the eyes in house conditions

How to get rid of shadows under the eyes in house conditions

Under the surface of face skin there is fat cellulose. However, under eyes she settles down thin layer. For this reason if you do not get enough sleep or overtire, increase in the capillaries which are in this zone becomes such noticeable. They give blue of area under eyes.

Therefore the very first advice to those who want to get rid of this problem – get enough sleep and have in due time a rest. Remember that you not the robot, you the ordinary person, and you cannot work 24 hours a day. From time to time dare to idle, relax. You sleep not less than 8-9 hours a day.

Sometimes circles under eyes demonstrate availability of any disease, in particular, blue in this zone contact problems of urinogenital system. Check health! 

Do not forget about competent massage of this area. It has to be made by tips of fingers, movements have to be easy, smooth, and in general, all procedure should not take away from you more than 2-3 minutes. After that it is necessary to apply on problem area special skin cream around eyes which favorable influence considerably will clarify skin.

The compress on the basis of camomile and fennel can help with the solution of this problem. For this purpose fill in on one teaspoon of plants with half of glass of boiled water, and you will draw it within 30 minutes. Then filter your infusion, and moisten in it cotton pads. Compresses need to be imposed on all night long. They will save you from dark circles, considerably will tighten skin around eyes, will hide small wrinkles and cracks, both will make it younger and is fresher.

You can make also other compress, on the basis of parsley broth. It needs to be put to eyes for only 10 minutes that makes this procedure available even in the middle of the working day as soon as you have felt fatigue.

It is useful to wipe area under eyes the ice pieces wrapped in plastic package. It tones up skin, tightens, considerably refreshes.

Once a week you can do mask on the basis of the crude grated potatoes wrapped in gauze. It needs to be imposed on the closed eyelids for 10-15 minutes. If near at hand there were no potatoes, replace it with the used tea bags.

Remember that bad food, smoking, constant stresses and nerve strains, regular alcohol intake, insomnia as nothing else, are capable to allocate you with huge blue circles under eyes. So think whether such "ornament" is necessary for you, your health – in your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team