How to get rid of small scratches

How to get rid of small scratches

would seem what trifles - several small skin scratches. Sometimes it is even difficult to remember from where they have appeared. Nevertheless, often because of non-compliance with rules of hygiene of scratch can inflame and suppurate, especially if they have arisen during the game with cat. Will help to facilitate and accelerate treatment of small scratches and wounds to you traditional medicine.

It is required to you

  • Yarrow, nettle, pitch, plantain, lungwort, beeswax, pork visceral fat.


  1. Wring out juice from fresh plants of yarrow and apply it on your wound. The yarrow remarkably stops the bleeding and accelerates healing. It is possible just to chew plant and to put to scratch. If to change bandages with grass several times in day, healing of scratch will happen in 3–5 days. In winter time prepare dry yarrow infusion with addition of pharmaceutical camomile and use as lotions.
  2. In the same way you can use juice of fresh nettle, and can knead leaves and bandage to wound.
  3. Grease with fresh pitch of trees of coniferous breeds scratch. Healing will happen very quickly if to grease every day.
  4. The way of treatment of scratches, most popular in the people, and small wounds – use of leaves of plantain. Well wash out the Svezhesorvanny leaf and bandage to scratch. It works as anti-inflammatory and styptic means. For strengthening of effect the leaves can be crushed. It is desirable to change bandage each two-three hours. In winter time it is possible to make the dried-up plantain and to use it as lotions.
  5. Pound leaves of lungwort with small amount of lard. Impose as ointment on your wound and tie up. Change bandage twice a day. The lungwort has good wound healing properties.
  6. For treatment of small, but long not healing scratches prepare ointment. Take 100 g of pitch of trees of coniferous breeds, beeswax and pork visceral fat. You boil everything on small fire about 10 minutes. Constantly mix and remove foam. Remove from fire and wait until mix cools down to room temperature. Shift it in glass capacity and you store in the fridge.
  7. Wash wound with water with addition of not extinguished lime. For this purpose previously part tablespoon of lime in liter of water and insist 5–6 hours. Merge water in separate ware and use for washing. Apply the received ointment on clean napkin with thin layer and apply to wound. Tie up. Change bandage in 1–2 days.

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