How to get rid of split ends - three approaches

How to get rid of split ends - three approaches

In the aspiration to achieve stunning effect of hairstyle of the woman go on a lot of things: constant piles and fixings it is delicious, infinite laying by means of the hair dryer or the iron, elastic, hairpin and other. As a result instead of stunning hairstyle on the head shock of the thin, dim, difficult giving in to combing hair with split ends. How to get rid of problem?

Treatment from within

First of all look for solution in yourself, that is pay attention to condition of the organism in general. Health of your hair (and nails) is accurate indicator of shortage in organism of vitamins and microelements, various nutrients. Now you can find various polyvitamins with microelements which will improve condition of hair, nails and skin in any drugstore.

In addition, it is impossible to allow organism dehydration at all – it is necessary to drink up to 3 liters of water daily. And if there is desire to have magnificent hair, vegetable fats, for you are simply necessary! For this purpose daily on an empty stomach drink 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

National methods of treatment

However in fight against split ends it is possible to resort to national methods. Remember burdock oil – very effective remedy in this case. Before washing of the head apply oil on hair for 30 minutes, put on plastic bag and wrap up the head with towel. After washing of the head rinse hair with water with addition of lemon juice.

Speaking about folk remedies for hair care, it is necessary to remember castor oil. It is used as well as burdock. But, considering the fact that it is difficult to wash away it, recommend to add broths of herbs.

The remarkable effect is gained after mask with avocado and olive oil. We knead 1/2 fruits of avocado, we mix from 2 tsps of oil, we apply on hair in 30 minutes prior to washing.

Owners of dry hair should use coconut oil – it will add gloss and "will seal" the damaged tips. It is applied on moist hair.

Saloon methods

Will help to solve problem of split ends of hair to you in any beauty shop. First of all will offer you hairstyle of hair with the subsequent correct leaving. Recently the hairstyle hot scissors is popular: under the influence of high temperature the tip of hair is soldered and does not exfoliate. The procedure will take about 2 hours.

Also in salon can offer you thermorestoration: in the beginning apply medical structure on hair, then wash with shampoo, process tips serum and upon termination of the procedure - the hot iron. After processing of hair high temperature the effect gained from high dose of reducing agents remains for a long time.

Refer glazing of hair and the Brazilian keratinaceous straightening to the same restoring procedures.

As it is possible to consider option of instant solution of the problem of split ends lamination of hair. On curls carry special means, as a result – each hair becomes covered by imperceptible film.

And also eat rationally, do not limit intake of liquid, use folk remedies, become the regular customer of good beauty shop and your efforts will be rewarded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team