How to get rid of spot after burn

How to get rid of spot after burn

After thermal and chemical burns often there are spots called by physicians secondary hyperpegmentation of skin. People do not manage to get rid of such marks sometimes for several years. In certain cases they, after all, disappear, but sometimes it is necessary to look for complex means for their removal. Everything depends on depth of damage of skin, its area and specific features of organism.

It is required to you

  • - potatoes;
  • - aloe;
  • - lemon;
  • - cucumber;
  • - parsley;
  • - sea-buckthorn oil.


1. That there were no spots after burn, they should be treated correctly: to dry for protection from infections, to remove inflammation, to grease in due time and regularly with the ointments intended for this purpose. In this case cages will be actively updated and there will be no scorch left.

2. For faster disappearance of spot protect in the place of damage from influence of direct sunshine. For this purpose before exit to the street grease spot with sunblock cream. You should not sunbathe and visit sunbed in such situation.

3. Use folk remedies: Wipe with potatoes the injured place, having cut it on segments, and it is possible to grate it and to put to skin.

4. Put the leaf of aloe cleaned on the one hand from thin skin to skin or wipe the place of burn with juice of this plant.

5. Add lemon juice to cream which you always use, and densely cover with it skin.

6. It is even better if you make special mask. Connect a little butter and beeswax (2:1), warm up it on water bath, cool, add juice of lemon and apply to skin. This means softens and nourishes skin and also has the bleaching effect.

7. Within month oil the place of the former burn sea-buckthorn. It affects, according to sorcerers, even old traces from burns.

8. Put segment of fresh cucumber or its gruel to the damaged place.

9. Knead leaves of parsley and impose on skin as compress.

10. For fight against signs of burns exists also much pharmacological medicines – creams and serums with effect of peeling and bleaching which you without effort buy in drugstore. Of course, you can at once and not notice effect of their application, but after regular use during few months you will see difference. These means destroy excessive formation of pigment and reduce production of melanin.

11. If the burn has injured deep skin layers, to cope independently with traces from burns by means of the given means to you, perhaps, and it will not be possible. In this case address the dermatologist who will appoint inspections necessary for you and will direct to procedures.

12. It is also possible to go and to good cosmetologists. In modern clinics for removal pigmental spot of various origin use superficial and deep peeling (peeling), cryomassage by liquid nitrogen, the aleksandritovy laser, phototreatment, etc. Laser beam pigmentation and spot also collapses becomes much lighter. For this purpose injection methods of mesotherapy when in skin the special drug destroying pigment is injected can be applied.

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