How to get rid of spots on face after pimples

How to get rid of spots on face after pimples

After removal of heat-spot in the person quite often there are dark stains. They look very not esthetically and spoil appearance of the person. For elimination them it is necessary to use individually picked up house products (for example, lemon) and pharmaceutical ointments, to do special masks. Besides, it is possible to use services of cosmetologists. But one after another.

Folk remedies from spots after pimples

Best of all for elimination of specks to use the means which are picked up taking into account specific features of skin of the person, its ability to restoration. As in house conditions to pick up such it is very difficult, it is worth giving preference to those products which always near at hand. It can be:

  • The egg white beaten with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Such means should be applied to face skin at least once a day, for 15 minutes.
  • Juice from aloe. For its preparation it is necessary to take 2-3 large leaves of plant and to put in the fridge for 7 days. To get and scroll via the meat grinder, to wring out liquid. To moisten in it dry napkin and to put on the person. To repeat the similar procedure within 45-50 days.
  • The honey mixed with cinnamon at the rate of 1:1. This means should be put and removed by means of cotton wool lump.
  • Green clay powder with rosemary essential oil (1 tablespoon on 2-3 drops, respectively). To put Musk for 10-15 minutes.
  • The cucumber juice (1-2 tablespoons) mixed with 1 beaten egg white. Means is put on face in 2-3 layers, 20-40 minutes go so, washed away.

After application of similar means it is necessary to wash warm water. It is possible to use only children's soap. But it is better to do without it in general. If you want to know how to get rid of spots on face after pimples, remember: it is possible to make it also by means of aloe leaflet. It needs to be cut in half and to put to the problem skin site for 30 minutes. The same can be done with usual lemon or fresh cucumber. For fixing of result it is worth washing periodically the broth made of parsley, rosemary, licorice, yarrow or bearberry. It also well clarifies skin.

Medicines from spots on face

In terms of official medicine, pigmentation after elimination of pimples – the natural phenomenon. As the affected skin contains the increased quantity of keratin, leukocytes and hypodermic fat. Doctors recommend to the patients to use such medicines for elimination of consequences of acne rash as "the Fresh-water sponge 911", Kuriozin, Sledotsid, salicylic and zinc or sintomitsinovy ointment, hydrogen peroxide, fruit and salicylic acids. But, naturally, to use all these means only after approval of the doctor. Only he can tell how it is correct to apply them. 

Cosmetic procedures

If on face after heat-spots very dark or them there is a lot of spot, to help get rid from nkh only saloon procedures can. For elimination of problem it is possible to do: chemical peeling (eliminates many defects of skin), laser grinding (promotes fast restoration of fabric), mezeoterapiya. Perfectly treatment of post-acne ultrasound helps. As a result of this procedure all dead cells are also removed. The prices of all these types of treatment strongly differ therefore to specify them there is no sense.

Prevention of emergence of spots after pimples on the face

Not to think how to get rid of spots after pimples on the face, it is necessary to take prevention measures in advance. In particular, to begin to eat only healthy food, to drink at least 1.5 pure liters, to walk in the fresh air, to observe day regimen and to actively play sports. Still it is required before each exit to the street during heat to apply the cream intended especially for to face skin are sewn up from ultraviolet. And here to squeeze out gnoynichka if you wish to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is strictly forbidden. 

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