How to get rid of stomach independently

How to get rid of stomach independently

Very often women ask question: "How to get rid of stomach?". Many keep to diets or swing press, but the stomach all the same remains the most problem zone. In what business? And the fact is that for weight loss of all body and stomach, in particular, it is not enough only sport or restrictions in food. Though these measures, of course, are necessary. But nevertheless it is necessary to approach disposal of excess centimeters in a complex.

It is originally necessary to carry out clarification of intestines. Badly organized work of system of digestion leads to abdominal distension and irregular chair. On walls of intestines fecal stones which, except addition of excess weight, also prevent digestion of nutrients are formed. It is possible to get rid of all unnecessary in various ways, as in house conditions (enemas, consumption of bran, juice, etc.), and in medical institutions (gidokolonoterapiya). Having adjusted work of intestines, you will surely feel ease and change externally.

 Correction of food behavior towards healthy nutrition has to be the following step for support of normal work of intestines and weight loss. It is necessary to differentiate the concepts ""healthy nutrition"" and ""diet"" at once.

  The diet is tight restriction in food, consumption only of the resolved products. Most often the diet is followed by short-reception of all nutrients necessary for organism that cannot favorably affect digestion and work of organism in general.

 The healthy nutrition is respect for the basic principles of food to which it is necessary to adhere throughout all life. The basic rules of healthy food are:

- regular consumption of food in the small (fractional) portions;

- food has to be various and correctly prepared (not fried, not smoked, etc.).

Unlike diet which helps to dump kilograms only for a while the healthy nutrition gives slow, but steady result.

       Except correction of food behavior which will help to get rid of fat deposits in stomach it is necessary to bring into tone of muscle of press. Even at thin girls the stomach can look flabby if muscles of stomach are insufficiently developed. What exercises will help to tighten muscles and to make stomach more relief? Of course, first of all, it exercises on press. But for bigger efficiency nevertheless it is better to combine them with cardioexercises which burn huge number of calories and help to get rid of excess fat.

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