How to get rid of stratification of nails

How to get rid of stratification of nails

Beautiful well-groomed nails decorate the owner and supplement its image. But very often on the way to perfection there is such problem as stratification of nail plate. The wrong leaving, unbalanced food, the shortage of vitamins, etc. can be the cause of this phenomenon. To get rid of this problem and to put nails in order the checked national advice and recipes will help.


1. Stratification of nail plate can result from the shortage of iron in organism. In this case you will be helped by grass infusions on the basis of burdock, dandelion or sorrel. For its preparation fill in 2 tablespoons of the crushed greens with 1 glass of abrupt boiled water and bring to boiling. Cover infusion dense and leave for 3-4 hours in the warm place. Drink this means on 1 tablespoon daily. Also include dried fruits, egg yolk, bean cultures and fast meat in the food allowance.

2. Olive oil - one of the best means at stratification of nails. It contains huge amount of useful substances. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with several drops of lemon juice. Apply the received means by means of cotton pad (tampon) on nail plate. For improvement of effect put on special cotton gloves. It is recommended to carry out this procedure for the night. For the morning you will notice healthy gloss of your nails. At regular use of this means you will get rid of problem of stratification of nail plate.

3. Are very effective at treatment of nail plate special baths. For holding this procedure mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt in glass of warm water. Lower hands in the received solution for 15-20 minutes. After that rub off them paper towel and apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream, paying special attention to nails. Repeat the procedure daily within 10-12 days.

4. Do manicure at least 1 time in 2 weeks. Only do not forget about some nuances. First, liquid for removal of varnish should not contain acetone as it strongly dries nail plate. Secondly, do not forget to do small rest to your nails from varnish (each 5-6 days). In the third, exclude use of metal file. It will wound and scratches nail, forming small wrinkles. Today the wide range of various files with special covering is presented on counters of shops. Pick up the manicure device, the most suitable for your nails. Also do not neglect use of modern means - medical varnishes. They contain the useful substances, proteins, vitamins and minerals capable it is essential to strengthen your nails.

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