How to get rid of strong suntan

How to get rid of strong suntan

Beach season not far off. The companies of girls and guys will hold up the bodies to the scorching sun in hope to catch chocolate suntan. But not always the result meets expectations.

Unfortunately, sometimes suntan lays down not as there is a wish. Bathing suit shoulder-straps, sunglasses and even use of cosmetics can serve as the reasons for which suntan will lay down spots. And if to lie on the beach in the afternoon, easily it is possible to burn or go too far in suntan. What to do in this case? It is possible to wait for several weeks until suntan descends itself, or to try to get rid of it make-shifts.

Folk remedies

Advantage of folk remedies before cosmetic in their naturalness. Some products not only do not concede to cosmetics by efficiency of action, but also do less harm to skin.

Lemon juice possesses the bleaching action. It is not recommended to use in pure form it because of aggressive influence of citric acid. However it is possible to prepare tonic, having mixed juice of lemon and cucumber. It is necessary to wipe with this mix the place of unsuccessful suntan. If to mix lemon juice with yogurt or low-fat sour cream, the effective bleaching mask will turn out.

Unlike lemon, the cucumber can be used independently. Or to cut it plates and to put to the place of suntan, or to rub on small grater and to impose as mask. Potato juice also has the bleaching effect. Potatoes need to be grated and, without merging juice, to impose the received gruel on skin. To get rid of suntan, it is possible to use parsley. It is necessary to cut small juicy stalks and to wring out from them juice. After skin wiping surely it is necessary to wash cool water.


From cosmetics various peelings and srubs will help to get rid of suntan. Any means will be suitable for your type of skin. Instead of srub it is possible to use rigid bast. These procedures will peel the upper layer of the skin together with undesirable suntan. At arsenal of many cosmetic firms there are cream and lotions with the bleaching effect. Choosing such means, it is necessary to pay attention to structure. When using acids it is necessary to use protective cream with the UV filter. To get rid of redness if skin has burned, it is recommended to use "Panthenol". Means will help to facilitate pain and will very quickly recover skin, having removed reddening. Sometimes it is simpler not to allow problem, than then to look for exit. The best time for suntan from 9 to 11 in the morning and after 16 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time risk to get burns it is much below, and suntan lays down more exactly. Use of sunblock creams will also do good.

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