How to get rid of suntan

How to get rid of suntan

In spite of the fact that suntanned skin is fashionable now, girls of chocolate color are pleasant not to everyone. Besides, there is always danger to earn so-called "rural" suntan, that is to sunbathe on undershirt sleeves, from shorts to golf moreover and with white traces on wrists on the place of bracelets and then to pass the whole summer in clothes of the same style. Therefore it is useful to know not only ways how quicker to sunbathe, but also how to get rid of unsuccessful suntan.

It is required to you

  • Potato juice, cucumber juice, lemon juice, extract turmeric, milk, almonds, face scrub, body scrub.


1. There are several national methods of disposal of suntan. Take juice of crude potatoes and apply to skin. In 15 minutes wash away flowing water. For strengthening of effect potato juice can be mixed with lemon juice. The result from similar bleaching of skin will appear in several days.

2. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and extract of turmeric. Apply the received mix to the sunbathed skin and take 15-20 minutes then wash away water. If suntan strong, this procedure it is worth repeating within two weeks.

3. If you want not only to get rid of suntan, but at the same time to make skin of more gentle, lower in glass of milk of 3-4 crude almonds and leave to be defended within 12 hours. After that scroll the turned-out mix via the meat grinder and apply it to skin. In 5-15 minutes you can wash away it water.

4. Buy the bleaching face scrubs and for body. The srub peels devitalized scales of skin, and thus your suntan will descend much quicker. Use them 2-3 times a week. Also you can replace the bast with more rigid.

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