How to get rid of the coarsened heels

How to get rid of the coarsened heels

At leg care the special attention is always required by heels. During walking they get the greatest loading, they are often rubbed by inconvenient footwear, unstable heels negatively influence. It is no wonder that skin on heels it becomes frequent too dry, on it ugly callosities and outgrowths, and sometimes even painful deep cracks are formed. But in order that the woman could wear open fashionable shoes, her Piglet has to be faultless – smooth, pink and gentle as at the baby. Therefore here the special care is required.


1. Usually heel care comes down to their timely washing, clarification from the dry died-off skin and to moistening by nutritious creams. But if heels have coarsened, have become covered by callosities and cracks, there will be already not enough these simple receptions.

2. Even if you are not able to afford to spend considerable funds for cosmetics, to provide to the legs the correct care after all perhaps always. The simplest and cheap means for the coarsened heel care is ordinary vaseline which can be bought in any drugstore.

3. Previously make warm leg bath. For mitigation add teaspoon of glycerin or a little liquid soap to water. Put foot in water and properly steam out them. Then pumice wipe the coarsened skin before emergence of clean pink. If on skin there are cracks, try not to concern them pumice.

4. Walk dry and smear heels with thick layer of vaseline. Then fix it by plaster, put on atop plain cotton socks and leave compress for about 6-8 hours. It is the best of all to make it for the night not to subject leg to additional loading. Remove plaster with vaseline in the morning, once again wash up legs and carefully wipe. If to repeat this procedure daily, all cracks will quickly begin to live.

5. If cracks deep and painful, try to do medical cycle from vegetable oils. The fact is that many vegetable oils possess not only softening, but also antimicrobial and wound healing effect. Best of all castoric, almond, peach oils will be suitable for these purposes. The compress becomes as follows. Steam out legs, plentifully oil them, put on from above plain cotton socks. Wrap legs atop plastic bags that oil did not filter and sit so several hours. Then remove compress, wash up legs and grease with nutritious cream.

6. For bigger effect of treatment the daily foot baths can be done with broths of medicative herbs. Such plants as inula, camomile, sage, oak bark, calendula, St. John's wort, etc. well will be suitable for them. It is possible to do baths with broths of several herbs at the same time. If two-three times a week before going to bed to grease legs with thick layer of nutritious fat cream, and then to put on for the night the socks, skin outgrowths will disappear forever.

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