How to get rid of the drooped stomach

How to get rid of the drooped stomach

Most often pregnancy whereas men have inactive way of life is the reason of emergence of the drooped stomach in women. To get rid of this defect and subjects, and others will be helped by physical exercises and execution of certain rules.


1. The most important in fight for flat stomach is creation of deficiency of calories. Eat less, than it is required to you. Consider calories, but do not starve, otherwise nothing will turn out.

2. It is necessary to adhere to low-calorie diet. You should not eat greasy food, replace it with vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, fruit and grain. Subcutaneous fat on stomach will leave quicker if you refuse such products as meat, milk, cheese and eggs.

3. Register in consultation to the experienced expert. Let he will make for you set of exercises helping to get rid of the drooped stomach. Train in the gym not less than 3 times a week. Carry out the appointed set of exercises and keep to diet.

4. Try to keep press in suspense always. There are you in the gym and carry out exercises or just walk on the city, do not forget that the stomach should be pulled in. Carry out exercises intensively, otherwise it will not be possible to strengthen stomach muscles.

5. Remember that it is impossible to train after meal. It is necessary to breathe correctly: relaxing, inhale through nose, and the exhalation should be done through mouth, during ongoing efforts. Do not fix leg when you lift the body during exercises, load of muscles of stomach will be more. The clothes should be worn such which does not constrain movements, the stomach should not be tightened.

6. In case of problems with back during the trainings, use the recommendation to put on the supporting belt.

7. Refuse alcohol. It is very high-calorie product which is capable to stimulate set of weight. Remember that the stomach grows most of all because of consumption of beer, wine least of all influences its growth.

8. In parallel with diet and physical activities do not forget about swimming, skating or the bicycle. Active holiday promotes the general improvement and, along with disposal of the drooped stomach, trains cardiac muscle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team