How to get rid of the grown hair and spots under them?

How to get rid of the grown hair and spots under them?

Questions of effective fight against the grown hair are for many women so burning, as well as questions of removal of undesirable hair from the surface of body. Most of all problems are caused by not hair, but those traces which remain even after their removal.

 Effective fight against the grown hair has to be complex. The person who has decided to get rid of the grown hair will need the following means:

  • Srub.
  • Alcohol. It is desirable that it was 96%.
  • Fresh-water sponge.
  • Calendula tincture.

 It is worth beginning fight against the grown hair with removal of the died-off (keratosic) sites of skin. For this purpose also the srub about which speech went in the list above will be required. It is important to remember that it has to be the most dense and rigid, liquid means in format of this situation will not provide desirable result. The suitable srub on the structure has to remind cream.

 It is necessary to use srub not less than 2 times a week on preventive basis and also before each removal of hair. For achievement of the maximum effect of the procedure, skin before its carrying out needs to be steamed out. It should be noted that the industrial origin of srub is not basic condition, it is possible to make it also at home.

 After scrubbing it is possible to be engaged in removal of the grown hair. For this purpose the usual needle and alcohol with cotton wool for its disinfection and also tweezers will be required. By means of needle it is necessary to raise carefully hair, and then, having grasped them tweezers, accurately, on one, to remove. Places of removal of undesirable vegetation need to be processed alcohol upon termination of the procedure.

 After that it is possible to start the final stage of the procedure - to removal of other (not grown) hair. As well as by means of what devices to depilate undesirable - personal record and in format of the considered situation does not play the chosen way of basic value. For successful completion of the begun business it is correct to work much more important at the end. After epilation it is necessary to process carefully integument surface calendula tincture. Such processing will help not only to avoid inflammation, but also to considerably accelerate process of healing of the small wounds and irritation formed on the surface of skin after holding the considered cosmetic procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team