How to get rid of the grown hair on bikini

How to get rid of the grown hair on bikini

The grown hair on the line of bikini look extremely not esthetically, it is known by each girl who ever faced such problem. Often they represent the whole inflammations which just should be noticed - usually they have rather unpleasant red color. So, we learn to fight against the grown hair on the line of bikini!


  1. What are the grown hair? These are the growing hairs which cannot break through outside layers of the keratosic skin. As a result of hair grows in integument, causing unpleasant feelings, irritations and often even zagnoyeniya. Skin on the line of bikini is extremely sensitive and thin, it reacts to similar malfunctions extremely sharply, and as result you receive the red dots similar to gnoynichka.
  2. The peeling procedures will help to reduce risk of emergence of similar problem and also promote release of already grown hairs. Especially often grown hair appear after the procedures at which they are uprooted: depilations by wax or removals them by means of electroepilator. Choose soft srub which can be used every day during acceptance of shower and also mass problem zone on the line of bikini by means of natural, rather rigid bast.
  3. The skin needs to be moisturized carefully and to calm in every possible way - only in this case it will be equal, smooth and healthy, and, above all - you will save it from formation of the shelled particles which prevent hair to make the way and burgeon. Choose hypoallergenic body lotion or cream with natural components and do not forget to apply these means every time after acceptance of shower on dry and pure leather. It is good if at the moistening means there is some antiseptic or wound healing element (camomile extract, for example), it will reduce risk of emergence of inflammations and will treat already appeared.
  4. What to do with already appeared grown hairs? They can be removed accurately. For this purpose take shower with srub, then slightly steam out skin, putting to it the hot terry towel moistened in herbs decoction then disinfect skin, arm with tweezers (sterilely clean!) and carefully remove hairs. After the procedure wipe skin with alcohol-containing lotion, then put moistening or sedative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team