How to get rid of traces from acne

How to get rid of traces from acne

Acne - skin disease which affects to 80% of young people aged till 30 flyings therefore it is called teenage rash. The scars remaining with those whom the disease has concerned can spoil appearance, it is necessary to get rid of them in time.

It is required to you

  • - green clay, essential oil of rosemary;
  • - egg white, lemon juice;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - parsley broth;
  • - lemon;
  • - calendula tincture;
  • - medical paraffin.


1. If there are acnes, teenagers, as a rule, feel discomfort and painful feelings, but these are temporary phenomena which pass sooner or later. And here traces or scars from acne can cause troubles still long time if in time not to treat them. It is necessary to remember that the acne is forbidden to be squeezed out, the infection can extend to all person. Do not start treatment, otherwise scars on face will serve as evident reminder of your levity.

2. In hard cases of acne when skin tissues are seriously damaged, can even be followed by temperature increase. At such symptoms urgently ask for medical care, doctors will help to get rid of rash, having prevented risk of emergence of spots.

3. If after acne there were not so problem "traces", it is possible to try in house conditions to be engaged in their elimination. Make mask of green clay. Take clay powder tablespoon, add couple of drops of essential oil of rosemary and a little water, stir weight carefully. Impose mask on the damaged sites of skin, take 10 minutes.

4. Usually spots after acne are skin pigmentation violation therefore they should be clarified. Mix egg white with two spoons of lemon juice, having well stirred weight. Impose it on sites which should be clarified. Wash away mask water in 15 minutes.

5. Tea tree oil – the known means for improvement of integuments. It is possible to use it in pure form or to dilute with lavender oil in equal proportions. Wiping of spots after pimples parsley broth, segment of lemon or garlic will help to get rid of them. It is useful to use the ice cubes frozen with addition of tincture of calendula.

6. Effectively to eliminate spots from acne, use the medical paraffin which is on sale in drugstores. Take small ware, kindle in it paraffin and by means of Q-tip you apply the kindled mix on the damaged sites of the person, let's paraffin stiffen. Do not forget to grease face skin before and after mask with nutritious cream with vitamin E. Contraindication to holding such procedure is availability of vascular reticulum on face.

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