How to get rid of traces from pimples on spin

How to get rid of traces from pimples on spin

Acne rash on spin often leaves dark red or bluish spots which long do not pass. If you have squeezed out pimple, then such spots can remain for many years. Cosmetic procedures will help to remove traces from pimples on spin.

It is required to you

  • - blue clay and lemon juice;
  • - tomatoes, starch;
  • - fresh cucumbers;
  • - lemon juice and egg white;
  • - rosemary oil;
  • - nonsense and peroxide of hydrogen;
  • - lidaza, salicyl alcohol, dimeksid.


1. Use blue clay to clarify spots – dissolve dry powder according to the instruction (it is possible to add droplet of lemon juice), apply on traces from pimples, leave before drying. It is useful to alternate compresses from blue clay to structures from white clay – both types possess the clarifying action and promote skin alignment.

2. Suntan hides pigmental defects of skin therefore use any opportunity to lend shoulders and back to the sun. In cold time visit sunbed and if you against ultra-violet impact on skin, then use autosuntan.

3. Do the bleaching masks. Mix pulp of tomato and starch, apply on certain sites of back and wash away under shower after their drying. Do compresses of polished cucumber, put gauze napkins with pulp on traces – in 20 minutes the structure can be removed. Mix lemon juice (2 teaspoons) and egg white – the mixed weight apply spins to skin. Put the cotton pads moistened in essential oil of rosemary to traces from pimples in the form of compresses for 10 minutes or periodically wipe spots during the day. Masks from nonsense and peroxide of hydrogen are very useful, but effect it is necessary to wait for about two months.

4. Delete spots with special structure. Prepare mix from lidaza, salicyl alcohol and dimeksid – on bottle of alcohol it is required on teaspoon of other ingredients. Moisten with solution gauze bandage, wring out and apply to spots – process at first several traces within two weeks, then you pass to other sites. The structure degreases and restores fabrics, causing removal of the cicatricial layer giving to skin dark color.

5. Complete course of procedures in salon. The chemical peeling or microdermabrasion will help to get rid of the upper, pigmented epidermis layer, and the procedure of darsonvalization will nourish skin with oxygen and will set result. Laser grinding of skin will solve problems of spots from pimples on spin once and for all – the device removes even deep hems and chronic scars, often the effect is noticeable after the first session.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team