How to get rid of ugly warts

How to get rid of ugly warts

The wart is good-quality new growth which is serious esthetic and cosmetic defect on skin of the person. There are several ways to get rid of this trouble.

If you have decided to get rid of warts, at first address the dermatologist to be convinced that it is wart, but not other disease of skin, not malignant tumor. The doctor will carry out all necessary analyses and already on the basis of them will appoint treatment. Medical intervention

Quickly it is possible to remove warts if to use special procedures. For example, eliminate them by means of the laser. The painless method, has no side effects, after it there are no scars and hems.

Get rid of ugly outgrowths on body and by means of special electric coagulator. During the procedure influence wart current of small frequency. As a result it cleans up, and on its place the small scab which disappears for 5-6 day is formed, without leaving marks. Remove new growths and liquid nitrogen. This method is not so effective as others therefore most often to eliminate wart it is necessary to make 2-3 procedures. When the warts which have expanded apply method of surgical excision. Operation is performed under local anesthesia. After it impose cosmetic seams which are removed in week. After surgical intervention on the place of wart there is light scar. National it is possible to metodyustranit warts and by means of some national methods. Take several berries of mountain ash, pound them in gruel. Cover with structure wart, at the same time try not to touch skin around it. Do so 2-3 times a day before total disappearance of outgrowth. During the summer period it is possible to grease education with celandine juice 3 times a day within 10 days. Make compress for the night. Well pound 5 garlic gloves, mix with teaspoon of vinegar and the same amount of melted pork fat. Apply structure to wart, record bandage. Do within 2 weeks. Grease warts with fresh onions juice. Apply to benign tumor flat cake from the softened propolis, bandage it, leave so for 4 days. Several useful to sovetovpomnita, warts is infectious disease which is caused by virus of papilloma of the person. Therefore they can arise again. That it has not occurred, strengthen the immunity. Lead healthy lifestyle, properly eat, get enough sleep.

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