How to get rid of unpleasant smell of legs in house conditions

How to get rid of unpleasant smell of legs in house conditions

These effective folk remedies which are easy for applying in house conditions will help to get rid of unpleasant smell of legs. If to make a few efforts and time, then positive changes it is possible to notice all in week.

Baking soda

This most recommended house means from unpleasant smell of legs. Perfectly copes with neutralization of smell of sweat and also eliminates bacteria.

  • Part soda tablespoon in warm water and ship for 15 minutes. Do the procedure every day within week. Besides, it is possible to strew socks and footwear with soda before their putting on.

Salt of Epsom

Salt of Epsom reduces smell of legs thanks to ability to struggle with bacterial infections.

  • Take 2 teaspoons of salt and part in warm water. Wet legs for several minutes. For the best effect, perform the procedure before going to bed.

Lavender oil

Having strong antifungal action and also the pleasant smell, oil of lavender prevents unpleasant smell of legs.

  • Put a little oil in warm water and you keep legs in such solution several minutes. Perform the procedure on 2 times every day for 2 days.

Black tea

The tannins which are contained in black tea effectively destroy those bacteria which cause unpleasant smell and also narrow pores standing, thereby reducing amount of the emitted sweat.

  • Put 2 tea bags in the boiling water. Then pour a little water of normal temperature to cool. Ship legs for 15 minutes. Repeat every day within 1 week.


Vinegar forms acidic environment, thereby inhibiting bacteria. Any type of vinegar, especially apple will approach.

  • Mix ½ cups of vinegar and 6-8 glasses of hot water. Wet legs in solution for 10 minutes and then wash legs with soap.


Like black tea, the sage also incorporates tannins which can reduce considerably perspiration, as causes smell of legs. In addition, the sage has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

  • Take a few dried-up parts of plant and put in socks and footwear. Or use broth from sage as leg bath.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team