How to get rid of vascular reticulum

How to get rid of vascular reticulum

The vascular reticulum standing is dreadful dream of all women. It appears goodness knows where from, spoils your fine legs the frightening look and threatens to creep away from one little spider in the whole network of the blue and bluish stains covering all body. What with it to do and whether it is possible to make something with it? It is possible to make, it is necessary to stock up with patience only.

It is required to you

  • consultation of fleybolog, contrast compress, footwear on flat sole


1. The vascular asterisk on skin is that other as the most real varicosity. More precisely, its very first and most harmless stage. If you do not feel any unpleasant symptoms but only are only dissatisfied with how it looks, it is better to get over that it will eternally not proceed. Weight and puffiness in legs, pain, spasms, and then and increase in veins will become the following phase. But it is worth despairing on. The first that you need to make – to visit the doctor of fleybolog. He will carry out diagnostics of condition of your vessels, will appoint complex treatment and will give advice how to avoid deteriorations.

2. If to see doctor at stage of vascular reticulums, most likely, to you will not appoint any serious treatment. Just in order that deterioration has not happened, it is necessary to conform to the simple rules. First, get rid of footwear on high heel. Excessive loading increases risk of developing of inflation of vessels and growth of ugly reticulums and asterisks on skin. For this reason give preference to comfortable footwear and comfortable block. Secondly, it is worth seeing to the mode attentively. It is not necessary to stand or sit much in one situation. For prevention of stagnation of blood in extremities it is necessary to move more.

3. Very well the contrast shower or rubdowns helps from vascular reticulums. It is peculiar massage of vessels which helps them to contract and extend sharply, training walls of the thinnest capillaries. Every time during shower finish water procedures with douches of problem zones very hot and very cold water serially. At first it can seem difficult, but vessels very quickly get used to similar massage and willingly will daily train.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team