How to get rid of warts folk remedies

How to get rid of warts folk remedies

of warts most often happens at children and teenagers, is more rare at adults. Fast distribution of these formations on skin is connected with the filtered virus which is transmitted in the contact and household way. In certain cases treatment of warts by traditional methods does not yield result or brings temporary effect therefore there is natural desire to try all possible ways including folk remedies.

It is required to you

  • For treatment of warts folk remedies it is possible to use:
  • - vegetables and fruit - potatoes, onions, garlic, banana, apples, fig fruits;
  • - herbs - celandine, calendula, dandelion, mountain ash fruits, wormwood;
  • - honey.
  • Choose several available means for treatment and alternate them every other day as each case is individual, and one and too means can help differently.


  1. • Within 10 days 2–3 times a day grease warts with juice of acid apples; Greasing of warts juice of not ripened fig fruits has Good effect; • Rub onions and apply to wart. Cover with cellophane and record bandage or plaster. In such look leave for the night; • Mix in equal proportion sea salt, clay and gruel from onions. You stick together from mix of plate and put them to warts, changing 2 times a day; • Mix in equal quantity the ground garlic with creamy or melted butter. Do lotions of the received mix several times a day; • Mix small cut banana peel with the same amount of the crushed garlic. Put to warts for several minutes; • Grate crude potatoes and the received gruel apply to warts. Cover with cellophane and record bandage. Carry out for the night 4 weeks in a row.
  2. • Mix processed with vaseline, I skin celandine grass. Grease with the received weight warts several times a day; Greasing of warts fresh juice of celandine Is more effective (juice of the stalk which is cut off at root possesses the greatest medical action). After the processed surface of wart darkens, carefully remove it with small scissors and continue to grease with celandine juice before its total disappearance; • Apply the ground flower of calendula to wart, record. Use for the night; • Mix 1 part of juice of dandelion with 4 parts of butter. Grease with the received mix warts 3–4 times a day; • Pound fruits of mountain ash and in the form of compress put them daily to warts; • Make wormwood (3 tablespoons of grass on 1 glass of boiled water), let's broth infuse within 2 hours and then make compress.
  3. • Mix honey with hempseed oil (1:4). Grease with the received weight warts several times a day; • Honey can be mixed with garlic, the pounded hips, calendula leaves.

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