How to get rid of youthful eels?

How to get rid of youthful eels?

Youth – beauty time, and any face spot spoils mood and if it is covered with acne rash, then it becomes problem No. 1 in the teenager's life. For clarification of the person from opposite gnoynichok it is necessary to stock up with patience and in something to change way of life.

  • To watch purity of body and especially hands which will sometimes touch the person, bringing infection. It is better to wash mix of mineral water with sea salt: on 1 glass of mineral water to steam of spoons of sea salt. In 2 weeks the face is cleaned, inflammatory process disappears. 
  • To take baths, adding to them the concentrated broths. Wheat grass rhizomes give the best effect. Minutes ten it is necessary to boil them in water: on half-buckets of water of 100 grams of grass, it is possible to add burdock roots. Taking such baths every other day, it is possible to get rid of any rashes, including furuncles. 
  • Walks, especially in sunny weather are very useful as ultraviolet rays kill pathogenic microbes.
  • Barmy drink is very useful in such cases: 10 grams of yeast part with boiled water on 3/4 glasses, add a little sugar and give hour to play. Such drink should be drunk within 20 days, having taken three-week break for the same term, repeat course.
  • Infusion of nettle can help to solve problem: leaves of nettle insist in liter of cold water during the night, and drink this infusion in the small portions in the afternoon.
  • Effective remedy against juvenile pimples is the juice which is squeezed out of rhizomes and stalks of wheat grass: they should be washed out, scrolled via the meat grinder. It is necessary to add to the wrung-out juice as much hot water. Daily reception – 3 glasses. To drink 21 - 22 day.
  • Horse-radish tincture in wine vinegar is applied to healing of eels. Horse-radish is grated, fill glass capacity on 3/4, add wine sting and insisted 10 days. Places of defeat by eels moisten with tincture and hold ten minutes then wash face. 
  • The following recipe is very effective in fight against eels: on 100 g of vodka to drip 4 drops of iodine and to implicate protein of one egg. Quarter of hour to hold mask on face, then to wash away water. 
  • Considerably the mask treats skin: we take 1 tablespoon of flowers of marigold, infused on alcohol, we drip lemon juice (about 15 drops), and then it is carefully entered into the white clay taken in number of three tablespoons. The received weight keeps on face quarter of hour. Clay dries the inflamed heat-spots, cleans them from pollution, pulls together time. 

Treatment by herbs demands time and patience, but these efforts will provide pure, velvety leather – the evidence of beauty and health. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team