How to get rid quickly of the second chin

How to get rid quickly of the second chin

The problem of double chin is known to much. Why there is this unpleasant defect? Perhaps, the reason is in the excess weight, the constitution of body. Perhaps, business goes by old age. Before beginning fight against the second chin, it is necessary to define what represents yours - fat or just excess leather.


1. Fat deposits demand control over weight. The acquired couple of kilograms immediately will affect your chin. And when you will lose weight, this defect will leave by itself. Besides, to get rid of the second chin, use mesotherapeutic technique as a result of which surplus of fatty tissue is completely split. Ten procedures happens, as a rule, enough.

2. Process of disposal of excess fat can be accelerated if to carry out mesotherapeutic technique in parallel with massage of chin. Such approach – guarantee of solution.

3. If the second chin is excess skin, the therapeutic method will hardly help. However there are medicines capable to tighten skin by means of the special solution entered under it by means of injections. Thus, the second chin becomes less noticeable later 20 procedures.

4. The excellent effect can be reached, combining the above methods with hardware mesotherapy. Procedures will help to return to integument density, elasticity. In general the structure of skin will become better.

5. There is faster way to get rid of the second chin with excess fat. It is liposuction. This procedure is made by set of ways, but all of them come down to one – from under skin remove excess fat and bring up her. Thus, from the second chin there is no trace left also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team