How to give to hair red shade

How to give to hair red shade

If you want to have more expressive appearance and to draw attention of people around, then red shade of hair – the fact that it is necessary for you. This color as stylists consider, goes practically to any woman, it is important to choose only correctly the necessary shade depending on your image, type of appearance and hairstyle.


  1. Before you stop the choice on some shade of red, consult to the stylist. It is better if you choose something from the shades as close as possible to natural as unnatural saturated color is capable to make old you for several years.
  2. The easiest to achieve necessary result, having used paint or the coloring shampoo bought in shop. How to dye hair, you can learn from the instruction attached to paint.
  3. The red shade on hair can be received also by means of natural dyes that in many cases it is even better: natural dyes not only paint, but also nourish head skin, strengthen hair. Most often use henna and basma.
  4. If you have fair hair, the red shade can be received as follows: fill in two glasses of henna with boiled water, it is necessary that gruel has turned out. Add spoon of castor or olive oil, 100 g of kefir, one yolk. Apply this mix on dry hair and wrap up the head with towel.
  5. The red shade turns out when using coffee slightly more darkly: Dilute 4 h spoon of natural or instant coffee with glass of boiled water. This mix you boil several minutes, filter and mix with henna.
  6. If you want to give red shade to black hair, you should prepare them previously. At first prepare mix from 25 g pergidrolya, 30 g of liquid soap and 5-7 drops of sal ammoniac. Apply it on hair for about 20 minutes. The head should not be covered. After this clarifying procedure wash up the head, and you can start hair-dyeing by henna. The reddish shade can be received if you apply henna (10 g on 100 g of hot water) for about 7-8 minutes.
  7. The beautiful chestnut shade most of all suitable for girls with swarty skin will turn out when using tea and nut leaves. Take on couple of tablespoons of nut leaves (walnut) and black tea. This mix fill in 0.5 liters of boiled water and put for 20 minutes on slow fire. After that broth has to infuse 20 more minutes. It is necessary to apply it on clean, slightly moist hair.
  8. Chestnut color can be received, having applied onions peel. Take 200 g of onions peel and couple of tablespoons of black tea. Fill in 0.5 l of white wine and warm up this mix half an hour on weak fire. Cool, filter and you apply on clean moist hair. Wrap up the head for one hour with towel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team