How to give to hair volume from roots

How to give to hair volume from roots

If you dream of surprisingly volume hair directly from roots, then you obviously should study some cunnings. Very often happens so that hair lose the volume, especially in damp and cold season. So, our purpose - volume from the roots! We start.


  1. One of the easiest ways which, however suits ladies with natural easy curls and waves on hair more large hair curlers are. Take rather large hair curlers, wind on them slightly moist hair at roots. Begin with area slightly above the middle of hair - thus they will not be made heavier and will take the necessary form.
  2. Choose light shampoos and conditioners with silicone content, they will help your hair to keep volume rather long time. Well the following method of giving of splendor to hair works: you should part small amount of shampoo with water, to make foam slightly, and then to apply on hair.
  3. Choose the easy means for laying which are not making heavier hair. Skins and mousses very often stick together hair and do them much heavier that leads to subsidence and fast loss of volume. Sprays and soft creams - here your best assistants at hair dressing.
  4. How to dry hair that they long kept volume at the roots? You obviously should get big and round brush. How to apply it? The hair which are previously divided into locks should be wound slightly on brush at roots and to extend lock up, directing current of air directly to roots. First on such laying the considerable amount of time can leave, but over time you learn to style hair pretty quickly.
  5. If you are absolutely limited in time, then use very easy way to give volume to hair - just incline the head down and dry hair at roots. Then accurately comb locks and sprinkle hair varnish - great option if to you to liking natural and magnificent hairstyle and easy disorder!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team