How to give to the face shine

How to give to the face shine

If to look through glossy magazines, it is possible to notice that practically at each model ideally equal shining complexion. Of course, by means of computer programs and light of spotlights it is possible to create effect of luminescence of skin. However daily skin care and the correct make-up are also capable to give to your face additional shine and freshness.


1. The dim complexion testifies to stressful condition of skin, loss of tone, violation of microcirculation in it. Therefore first of all it is necessary to change way of life. Observe water-salt balance, drink waters more, eat properly, accept vitamins. Get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air more often and refuse addictions, it is no secret, that alcohol and smoking have negative effect on condition of skin.

2. It is possible to give to face skin natural shine by means of leaving. Use means which suit you as skin. Daily remove make-up and pollution from skin by means of the special cleaning line. Two times a week peel dead cells by means of srubs. For the person buy cream which promotes removal of toxins from skin and improvement complexion, and for skin around eyes the means fighting against dark circles and puffiness will become ideal. In cosmetic lines of some producers there are face serums containing the reflective complex which is instantly improving appearance of skin.

3. Make-up – the fine tool for creation of great shine of skin. At first apply your face cream that skin was smoothed, became soft and silky, and already then start make-up. Choose foundation with reflective parts to create effect of hypodermic luminescence. Disguise dark circles around eyes concealer, give preference to that which contains complex of nacres in structure. Also apply a little concealer on the acting zones on face: the middle of chin, cheekbone and zone over eyebrows. Then brush apply thin film of powder with light-scattering particles. Give preference in make-up to gentle natural shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team