How to glue rhinestones on hair

How to glue rhinestones on hair

Often instead of hairpins or braids there is a wish to decorate the hair with something bright, beautiful and original. The rhinestones for hair which are bewitching the gloss and successfully emphasizing beauty of hairstyle become optimal solution.

It is required to you

  • - rhinestones;
  • - needle with thread;
  • - glue;
  • - hair mousse.


  1. Get rhinestones, and thread with rhinestones is better. If you buy separate rhinestones in shop, then choose them with ear for threading of threads or locks. Prepare materials necessary to you for attachment of jewelry for hair.
  2. Make hair parting between hair, and then is closer to the middle of hair parting choose the place for lock. Thickness of lock has to be minimum – no more than three millimeters, otherwise the issued lock will look carelessly.
  3. Cut off thread about 15 cm long, pass it throughout needle and tie thread tip loop. Process lock of hair mousse for laying. Take away other hair in tail. Braid the processed lock in accurate braid on 3 cm from hair parting, without overwinding it.
  4. Get on lock the first rhinestone approximately at the level of 3 cm from roots of hair. For this purpose take needle with thread and the central lock of braid. Throw with thread loop this lock so that it has appeared as it is possible closer by the beginning of braid. Carefully put on rhinestone needle and pull needle with thread, having taken the lock of hair which is in eyelet. Continue to braid lock to the spit, getting on hair rhinestones with equal interval which you can choose.
  5. When the braid with the rhinestones fixed in it comes to end, leave tail about 2 cm long. Fix tail by glue that the braid with jewelry has not untwined. Your new hairstyle is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team