How to grind cuticle scissors

How to grind cuticle scissors

scissors the irreplaceable subject allowing to support independently nails in decent form. However whatever was qualitative steel, over time scissors are rebated. It is just necessary to sharpen them minimum of times in half a year.

It is required to you

  • diamond wheel, napkin


  1. To define whether it is time to sharpen scissors, pay attention to type of the cutting surface. In case cuticle scissors have on all length of edge of cloth characteristic spots more than 1 mm, the tool needs to be sharpened. Remember that the less spot on scissors, the it is simpler and easier to sharpen the tool - it will be rather simple to carry out by him on the machine. If spots more than 2 mm, then scissors have worn out strongly, so and it is necessary to sharpen them longer. In certain cases dusting can help – address the expert.
  2. Before sharpening of cuticle scissors it is important to know that this cosmetic tool is sharpened only on diamond (the machine with diamond wheel). It is possible to get diamond wheel in any hardware store as well as sandpaper on which this circle is got. Besides, it is necessary to know that this tool expensive and consequently, it is possible just to hire it, scissors sharpen not every day.
  3. Take scissors. Define whether there is on them side play. In case the side play is, it is necessary to eliminate it. For this purpose just tighten up bolt which fastens two parts of scissors until cloths densely do not adjoin to each other or, on the contrary, weaken it.
  4. Turn in cloths of scissors so that on the site of their connection the gap was formed. Be not overzealous – do not break them. If cloths brittle, disassemble scissors.
  5. Turn on the machine on the minimum speed and carry out serially by one and second edge of panels on diamond wheel with identical force on all length.
  6. Check sharpening of scissors and repeat the actions once again. It is possible to check sharpening on dense or very thin paper or approximately - on thickness of spots on all length of edge. After sharpening such spots have to be no more than 0.2-0.3 mm.
  7. Remove after sharpening all hangnails on the ends of edges. It can be done by means of simple napkin or special fabric without pile.

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