How to grow beautiful nails

How to grow beautiful nails

Nails always served as indicator of ukhozhennost of the woman, however it concerns also men. To grow beautiful nails it will turn out at that person whose organism does not suffer from the shortage of vitamins and microelements. Also the correct nail care is not less important.


1. Do you want to have strong and long nails? Include in the diet dishes with gelatin. Do not neglect dairy products, seafood, green vegetables, yeast and fish. All above-mentioned products are useful and help to achieve desirable result. The shortage of vitamin A leads to stratification of nails therefore surely eat tomatoes, carrots and fresh greens.

2. The products containing iodine will help to strengthen nail plate. Besides nails will begin to grow quicker. Spinach and sea cabbage - those products, iodine content in most of which of all. That nails were strong, calcium - it much in milk and home-made cottage cheese is necessary. And to help to acquire calcium to cages of nail roots vitamin D will be able. Be in the sun more, walk before going to bed and you breathe fresh air. Sulfur, necessary for formation of nail plate, is in such products as cucumbers, onions and cabbage. Try to increase their quantity in the diet.

3. Give to nails the form, convenient for you. Better if there are no acute angles and roughnesses. Not to destroy structure of nail, use plastic-paper fine-grained nail files.

4. If it is impossible to go to salon, do manicure independently. For this purpose it is necessary to get the high-quality manicure enrollment including nippers nippers, nail files, stupid rakes and sharp scissors. Look after nails constantly and you keep manicure set clean.

5. It is possible to grow beautiful nails, rubbing apple cider vinegar in nail plates. Also juice of cranberry and lemon juice will approach. By means of lemon juice it is possible to clarify nails, to remove yellowness and just to clean them from dirt.

6. Try not to have continuous contact with water and detergents, wash the dishes in gloves. Only correctly looking after nails, you will be able to brag of their beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team