How to grow braid

How to grow braid

Probably, each girl at least once in life wanted to have long and beautiful braid. It is not difficult to grow hair, also a little time for daily care for them is enough to have will power.


  1. To begin to grow hair it is necessary since the end of flying or early autumn. In cold season of reasons for hairstyles becomes less and it is easier to hide the unruly, growing hair under cap.
  2. During the autumn period it is necessary to get ready for winter therefore intake of polyvitamins which will strengthen your organism in general and hair in particular will become the first step to long braid.
  3. Buy new hairbrush with natural bristle. Each two weeks wash hairbrush, having lowered it in soap water for 1-2 hours.
  4. Every evening do massage of the head, it will increase inflow of nutrients to hair bulbs and also will improve condition of skin.
  5. Every month straighten hair, cutting tips. Long hair are subject to negative impact of the external environment that directly is reflected in condition of tips of hair.
  6. With long hair to remove undesirable shade very difficult therefore choose hair-dye more carefully, and be better limited to coloring shampoos.
  7. Do not comb hair until they completely dry. Try not to dry hair phenom. Long hair become brittle, and heat treatment dries up them even more.
  8. Look after hair by means of masks. Nutritious masks can be done independently, in house conditions. Mix 1 tsp of white clay (is on sale in drugstore), butter, honey, mustard, lemon juice. Add yolk of one egg. Rub mask in roots of hair, and then distribute on all length. Wrap up the head in warm towel for 2 hours, then wash up hair in the usual way.
  9. Long hair heavy therefore drop out more often, and you should not be frightened it. Two times a month do mask against hair loss. Take 2 tsps of honey and as much burdock oil. Add two egg yolks and mix everything. Rub the received mix in head skin and put on polyethylene hat. In hour wash away mask.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team