How to grow buttocks

How to grow buttocks

Ideal figure – dream of many women, irrespective of age. But while some in every way try to get rid of extra kilos and to reduce body volumes, others, on the contrary, try to increase buttocks and to make them elastic. To grow buttocks in the natural way, without resorting to surgical interventions and artificial slips, there are several special receptions.


1. It is possible to improve appearance of buttocks, being regularly engaged in physical exercises. You carry out 3-4 times to week of training – it will accustom to burn your organism the calories consumed during the day. During the trainings the main time has to be given to problem places, namely to gluteuses, devote the rest of the time to cardio-loadings and other favourite sports.

2. Carry out squats of the house or in the gym. Try to do them correctly: put legs at shoulder length and when you squat, hips have to be parallel to floor, at the same time watch that back part of body stuck out a little. You hold back directly, and keep weight on heels. Do exercise 15-20 times on 2-3 approaches.

3. To work the lower part of buttocks, it is necessary to lay down on back and to put hands along body. Further raise legs up, having bent them in knees at right angle. Foot have to be perpendicular to floor. Then slowly release one leg, you will not concern floor yet, return to initial position. Alternating legs, repeat exercise, you will not feel fatigue yet.

4. You watch diet and diet. It is necessary to limit consumption of plain carbohydrates. Not used sugar which receives organism from sweets, lemonades and white loaf is quickly processed into fat which is laid on hips, waist, buttocks and other places that strongly spoils your figure.

5. Replace plain carbohydrates with difficult, for example, products from whole cereals and firm grades of wheat. Complex carbohydrates more nourishing, turn into fats more slowly, supply muscles with necessary amount of energy for trainings in the gym.

6. Eat more products saturated with proteins. Treat them: fast beef, salmon, egg and chicken. Proteins will help strengthening and growth of muscles in case of their damage at training. Besides, sufficient consumption of proteinaceous products will help to reach the desirable size and shape of buttocks.

7. Those days when you do not carry out exercise for improvement of shape of buttocks, be engaged in other loadings: run or dances. It will help to set the achieved result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team