How to grow eyebrow quickly

How to grow eyebrow quickly

reasons of loss and bad growth of eyebrows there can be set: shortage of microelements and vitamins, wrong leaving, problems with thyroid gland, etc. To improve growth of eyebrows and to get rid of their loss it is possible by means of folk remedies.


  1. Prepare cosmetic for removal of make-up if you cannot refuse it. For this purpose kindle lanolin on water bath, carefully pound to homogeneous mass together with vaseline, add glycerin. Take components in equal proportions. Apply on vatu and carefully wipe eyebrows.
  2. Make compress of peach oil. For this purpose impregnate small pieces of cotton wool with the warmed-up oil, impose on eyebrows, cover with strips of parchment paper, fix by bandage and you hold within 15 minutes. By the same principle you can use almond, peach, sea-buckthorn and castoric oils. But the most effective natural remedy helping to grow quickly eyebrow is oil of usma.
  3. Mix ½ teaspoons of linseed oil, 5 drops of castor oil and 2 drops of camphoric oil. Rub the received mix in eyebrow daily, yet you will not achieve desirable result.
  4. To strengthen growth of hair on eyebrows, prepare special ointment. For this purpose carefully mix 4 grams of castor oil, 0.2 grams of the Peruvian balm or Shostakovsky's balm and 6-7 grams of vaseline. Grease with the received means of eyebrow 2 times a day.
  5. Also paper fat which you can receive in the following way will help to grow eyebrow to you: put on usual paper cap glass glass and light it from above. At this time on walls of glass the deposit – brown fat is formed. Bring together him and rub in eyebrow. Repeat the procedure daily before obtaining desirable result.
  6. Prepare weak camomile broth (1 tablespoon of flowers of camomile on 1 liter of water). Boil, filter, cool and rub it in eyebrow 2 times a day. But be careful, this means clarifying therefore do not use it if you do not want your eyebrows to become 2-3 tones lighter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team