How to grow healthy, strong hair

How to grow healthy, strong hair

Many girls dream not just of long hair, and about strong, dense and healthy. To have magnificent long hair - actually very hard work demanding not only it is a lot of time and forces, but also some expenses. Way to long and difficult healthy hair, but it is possible to facilitate it significantly. Small steps and to big victories!

Step 1

You apply shampoo only on roots as it can dry up other length of hair. For the main length the flowing-down foam from roots suffices.

Step 2

After washing by shampoo it is necessary to use either mask, or hair balm. Keep in mind that balm is intended for prevention of sputyvaniye of hair and also simplification of their combing. Mask – for specific goals: restoration, strengthening, growth of hair.

Step 3

Remember that wet hair cannot be combed. After washing the hair so are too weak, and the hairbrush will only aggravate state. It is only recommended to untangle slightly hair fingers.

Step 4

Refuse rectifiers for hair. High temperature very strongly harms hair. If you are not ready to go on such victims, then use good thermoprotection.

Step 5

Drying of hair phenom is less harmful if you use it only in the cold mode. Also the hair dryer is recommended to keep at arm's length at least 10 centimeters from hair.

Step 6

Use sprays for hair. They protect hair from section, facilitate combing, are antistatics, and some of them protect from UV rays.

Step 7

Use time in week of hair oil. For example, burdock, grape, almond, apricot, etc. Oils well moisten hair that will protect them from oblamyvaniye.

Step 8

Do aromaraschesyvaniye with essential oils. This procedure is useful that after it hairs become shiny and their growth due to massage of the head accelerates.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to fulfill much quicker the dream – to grow long, healthy, strong, thick hair. All of smart hair!!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team