How to grow up beautiful nails

How to grow up beautiful nails

Wishes to be beautiful completely – it practically each woman. That nails were beautiful, it is necessary to look after them correctly.


1. Beautiful nails – means, healthy. And health of nails depends on healthy nutrition. Eat more healthy food, protein-rich, calcium and potassium and also zinc. Do not forget also that fat amino acids for construction of nails and hair are required for organism, and your nails will be equal, pink, smooth and brilliant. Alcohol, smoking, greasy food and lack of liquid do nails uneven, fragile and ugly.

2. Do several times a week massage of nail plate, for example, by soft toothbrush. Doing manicure and correcting it, it is better not to use metal tools. Use soft or glass files and wooden sticks for removal of cuticle. It is better not to use scissors at all. If you do manicure regularly time in eight-ten days, then will not use scissors of need.

3. Rub daily in nails special oil for strengthening. In it there are nutrients doing them more dense and elastic and also they soften cuticle, helping to remove it easily.

4. Accept vitamins for growth of nails and hair. In them there has to be iron, zinc, calcium and also carotene (vitamin A) and vitamins B.

5. Doing manicure independently, do not forget that all movement has to be directed from the nail basis to tip. It will help to keep shape of nail and will not break its growth.

6. Various masks will do good to nails. Baths with sea salt perfectly strengthen nails. After that make mask of olive oil with addition of lemon juice. Apply it on nails, gently rubbing, and then put on cotton gloves. It is the best of all to do the procedure before going to bed as in night the structure will well be absorbed. Do it two times a week. The mask from spoon of the olive oil mixed and a half spoon of red pepper will accelerate growth of nail plate.

7. In order that varnish did not leave pigmentation on nails, before its drawing use basis. It will protect nail and from influence of unnecessary substances. Use liquid for removal of varnish without acetone, with softening and nutrients.

8. Accustom themselves to use during household chores the rubber gloves protecting nails and skin of hands from harmful effects of water, dirt and detergents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team