How to hide birthmark

How to hide birthmark

Sometimes the girl wants to get rid of the cloyed cheek birthmark or area of decollete. To resort to surgery frightening and not all birthmarks can be deleted with scalpel. Therefore it is possible to try just to hide it special means.


  1. Today for masking of major defects of skin, traces from burns, scars after the undergone operations there is special camouflage cosmetics. It will be ideal for masking of birthmark.
  2. For a start well purify skin. Apply means to washing, skin or cosmetic milk. Put on face, neck and area of decollete, slightly rub and accurately wash away. Refresh the person with tonic.
  3. Further apply the masking means on dry birthmark. It is better if it is the camouflaging foundation of dense consistence. It is much more dense and heavier than plain decorative cosmetics. But, thanks to the specific structure, on face does not cause any unpleasant feelings.
  4. You put camouflage with brush or damp sponge, masking birthmark and not smearing means on other sites. Do not do repeated dabs on the same place. Camouflage means in the basis has microcrystalline wax therefore to put it in several layers there is no need. The pigment which is its part will ideally paint over birthmark under skin color.
  5. Correct the proofreader other insignificant shortcomings of skin further and cover all face with usual foundation. In conclusion of make-up put powder film.
  6. If birthmark insignificant and flat, then it can be hidden by means of any adjusting means. Take concealer, cosmetic pencil or cream with brush. Consider, the cosmetic pencil is shaded much more difficult, and you should try properly to sketch birthmark. Use concealer in the form of stik better. You put means over foundation, and from above cover with powder foundation.
  7. If medical additives are part of concealer, then it is better to apply it to clean skin, and already then to tint face.
  8. In the same way you can hide birthmark which is located on shoulder or shin. In these parts the masking means will even be less noticeable, than on face and neck.
  9. It will be necessary for this procedure for you: means for washing, gel or skin, the tonic camouflaging medicine, the proofreader, sponge or brush, foundation and powder foundation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team