How to hide piercing

How to hide piercing

Piercing is one of forms of modification of body – puncture in which it is possible to wear ornament. The reasons for which people do piercing can be the most various: from religious motives before banal self-expression. However piercing on open parts of the body can sometimes give to its owner some inconvenience because of which the carrier of ornament is forced to hide puncture for some time.

It is required to you

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Styling spray
  • Invisible hairpins
  • Corporal plaster
  • Bandage on hair


  1. If you need to hide piercing for not long time, then the way out is. Piercing of nose can be hidden rather easily by means of foundation, but at the same time it is necessary to pick up earring of the correct form. It is necessary to refuse rings or bananas, having replaced them with silver or gold tack with small hat without stone. It is easy to cover such earring with foundation, having distributed it on tack hat. After masking it is necessary to use friable powder to level skin color in nose.
  2. It is rather easy to hide eyebrow piercing if you the owner of the extended bang. As a rule, the eyebrow is pierced closer to temple therefore having combed bang on that side of face where there is earring, piercing can be hidden. Not to worry that the puncture nevertheless will be visible if wind blows, and hair will rise, it is possible to use hair gel, having made the fixed laying. For bigger reliability it is possible to record ready hairstyle the invisible being.
  3. If you have ornament on chin, then it is possible to forget about continuous masking as to hide ornament in lips and chin it is almost impossible because of constant mobility of area of mouth. In case it is necessary to hide piercing at several o'clock, for example, if you have interview on employment, it is possible to use corporal plaster. Cut off necessary piece of plaster and paste on area of piercing, having taken skin at the edges of earring. It is better to use plaster of corporal color – it not so is evident that will allow you to feel comfortable.
  4. To the owner of multiple punctures in lobe and cartilage of ear to hide jewelry, it is possible to pick up the correct hairstyle which will close ears. To go optional constantly with flowing hair, there is set of hairstyles with allowance for ears. Favourite summer accessories can also use practically all girls – bandage on hair. Such headdress will help you to emphasize the identity, stylishness and appeal, at the same time having completely hidden piercing in ears. The main thing experiment with color and texture of bandages. The black or red bandage from dense fabric will approach office clothes (white top, black bottom). The silk ribbon of neutral colors will approach summer motley sundress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team