How to hide short legs

How to hide short legs

all can brag of long legs. But it is not reason for complexes. It is easy to hide any shortcoming by means of correctly picked up clothes and to turn it into advantage.


  1. Gather in from the clothes the tops opening stomach and also Capri and trousers of 7/8. They visually extend body and shorten legs visually even more. To hide ratio of proportions of figure, choose straight lines of classical cut trousers with high stitched belt and narrow tops to the middle of hip. Do not accent clothes waistline, and try to disguise it. Look narrowly at the shortened jackets, they help to shift focus and conceal shortcoming.
  2. Do not buy skirt tulips overknee, short wide skirts and trousers with cuffs. You will suit narrow styles and the streaming fabrics. Will decorate figure and will hide short legs of tselnokroyeny dress of direct silhouette, coat, raincoats and jackets without belt. Pay attention to models with the overestimated waist, they are ideal at short legs.
  3. Forget about skirts and jeans with the underestimated waist, bright belts with decorative finishings is not your history. They draw attention and accent views of waists. For the same reason never fill light blouses in trousers or skirts. You wear the direct and semi-adjacent jackets concealing waistline, blouses and tops.
  4. Give preference to the clothes sustained in one color. And the tights which are picked up in color of skirt will make your legs optically longer. Will approach also at short legs tights of dark tones.
  5. You wear shoes on high heel. If it is unacceptable for you then in 4-5 centimeters. Heels visually extend legs. Alternative to heels can be footwear on platform sole which visually extends leg and at the same time is steadier and comfortable, than shoes and boots on heels.
  6. Do not forget that it is easy to hide any lack of figure, having riveted attention on refined hairstyle and well-groomed hair, skillful make-up of the person and original non-standard jewelry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team