How to hide skin shortcomings

How to hide skin shortcomings

Not everyone can brag of beautiful and equal complexion. Defects of skin and other shortcomings can arise because of various reasons. It is important to find out it and to begin to take measures for improvement of situation. At the same time do not forget about means which will be able to help you to disguise skin shortcomings skillfully.


1. Truly picked up tone means will hide all defects of skin. Choose cream depending on face type. At oily skin use the fat-free tone means, cream of long action will also approach. At such type of skin fix make-up by powder. For dry skin pick up cream with the moistening effect. If your skin is dried too up, choose tone means which part the moisturizing oil is. For the combined skin use foundation for sensitive type. In end of make-up apply powder on the shining sites of skin. Problem skin requires special care. Get special tone means, the substances capable are its part not only to disguise heat-spots and eels, but also in consequence absolutely to save from them.

2. You will be able to disguise reddenings by means of the proofreader concealer on yellow basis. Apply him on areas of reddening, easily hammer it with fingers. In conclusion, to level tone of skin, take basis and impose over concealer.

3. To hide pigmental spots, use concealer with dry texture, it connects to skin of spot better and does not irritate her. Before the masking means put basis. Remember, the tone of concealer has to correspond to skin shade. The concealer one tone lighter than skin will visually increase pigmental spot.

4. Also mask wreaths and the burst capillaries the proofreader. Take brush and draw concealer line on surfaces of capillary or wreaths, then hammer with fingers means into skin.

5. In case of hyperpegmentation apply concealer only on skin change zones, then hammer it into skin at the edges. Over the disguised zone hammer basis for make-up that it has merged with tone. If you have bronze skin, choose concealer of golden-orange color. For skin of color of ivory or beige use saturated yellow concealer.

6. It is difficult to disguise scars as in this part of skin there is no time any more, namely the make-up grapples with them. Use concealer with dry texture. Apply it directly on scar, hammer at the edges and shade.

7. One more option to veil lack of such character is that you at first put humidifier, then a little friable powder. Further carry out by the proofreader on scar.

8. Scars from eels will be best of all hidden by friable powder, it will give to your skin opaque shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team